No doubt there are too many suppliers in this market, so the question is WHY DO I CHOOSE FLAM. As the salesmanager of this brand, I will explain the reasons in 4 aspects: SERVICE, PRODUCT, PRICE, AND PAYMENT SECURITY.  


Compared with the whole cost of product & service we provide and also compared our price with other sellers, consumer will find out our price is lower than other suppliers. We are a team that loves trend culture, so we hope that our customers can also buy their beloved things at relatively low prices in FLAM. The pics below will illustrate this.

The price of a  famous seller: If you are professional on UA sneakers, you must know this seller (sorry I can't tell the name of this seller here). Their price is significantly much higher than us.

The price of FLAM: Again, compared with other seller, our price is relatively low. We gurantee the quality is same.


If customer want to buy sneakers in a bulk, you can ask us for a discount code.